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[Announcment] We're partnering with ZMF Headphones!

ZMF Eikon & Atticus now available! We are proud to announce that Hivemind Cables have partnered up with ZMF Headphones to become official dealers of the flagship Eikon & Atticus!Critically acclaimed by audiophiles and headphone enthusiasts around the world, the Eikon & Atticus are simply a marvel to listen to. "I spent...

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Introducing the Tempest Storm!

Enter the Tempest Storm Always looking to provide aesthetically pleasing and functional cables we've come up with something new that hits on all the popular checkpoints! It is a powerful combination of three Hivemind Cables: Superior tactile feel of the Chroma Soundweaver Excellent aethestics and aggressive patterning of the Venom Series...

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We've recently switched to the default platform for reviews, and I've manually copied some customers reviews to the corresponding model. Unfortunately the date isnt the original posted date of the review, but when I moved it over. So it'll look like an astroturf attempt to have legitimate reviews because the dates are...

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  Black Friday is here! Save 20% site wide on all purchases over $200! If your order is over $250 you also get FREE shipping! Let's bring in the holiday season with a bang!Use code: BLACKFRIDAY2016 during your checkout.

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