ZMF Headphones

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We are proud to announce that Hivemind Cables have partnered up with ZMF Headphones to become official dealers of the Eikon & Atticus flagships!

Critically acclaimed by audiophiles and headphone enthusiasts around the world, the Eikon & Atticus are simply a marvel to listen to.

"I spent some time comparing the Eikon with a set of Audeze LCD 3 Fazor headphones, and the Eikon was tonally richer, with superior resolution of quiet sounds"

- Steve Guttenburg (

We'd like to offer these headphones first to our loyal Hivemind Cables customers - as an added bonus, ZMF Headphones bundled with Hivemind Cables get a special discount!

Act fast because this bundle offer expires on July 31st 2017!

Flagship Dynamic Headphones

ZMF's custom made drivers are made with extreme high quality. Heavy ABS housing, huge magnets, rubber surrounding the membrane for perfect dynamic movement, and 50mm size for low distortion, fast transients but with enough size to move the air needed for "oomph."

Our drivers are pressure fit into our wood baffle sound chambers to provide super fast response, and absolute natural timbre.

The ZMF closed, vented sound chamber works as a perfected unit to provide you with a sublime listening experience.