Eidolic 2.5mm mono connector

Perfect size and shape.  The 2.5mm connectors for Oppo and Sennheiser HD700 offer a unique challenge to the audio cable industry and anyone looking to build a high-performing cable.  There is really no good way to support custom cables for these headphones until now.   We have a streamlined 10mm barrel diameter that will fit very compact jack layouts, but a 6.5mm rear opening will fit the vast majority of cables.  The extended, narrow collar behind the plug shaft allows for precision fit into these headphones’ recessed openings, and may fit a variety of future headphones that use this connection standard.  The long shaft length will fit openings both wide (HD700) and narrow (Oppo), with socket depths both deep (HD700) and shallow (Oppo).  This design is one-of-a-kind and is not based on any other designs, engineered specifically for these two headphone series’ with countless possible applications in the future.  

To learn more about the Eidolic 2.5mm mono connector visit them here: http://www.eidolic.com/Eidolic-Hifi-Audio-Headphone-Connectors-Tellurium-Copper-4-pin-XLR-new.html